On the Road Again…STILL!

Willie Nelson would be proud of the Rays…for living his song…not the other “stuff.”

Rays WIN another elimination game on the road

Rays WIN another elimination game on the road

The Tampa Bay Rays have been on the road since Sept. 24, when they opened a three-game set in New York. Then it was north of the border to Toronto, where after losing the first two games of a three game series they won game number 162 of the season, to force a one-game tiebreaker with the Rangers, in Arlington, Texas. The 5-2 win and complete game gem, that David Price threw in that game, sent the Road Warriors to Cleveland for their third straight elimination game.

Heading to the NLDS

Heading to the NLDS

They beat the Indians last night 4-0 to to earn a trip to the NLDS and face the mighty Red Sox and their “Boston Strong” fans…it should be a good series, win or lose. I just hope their fans step it up, fill the “Trop,” and recognize how lucky they are to be one of ONLY 27 cities in America (and one in Canada) have a MLB Team.

Rays fans need to prove it

Rays fans need to prove it


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again…STILL!

  1. Just goes to show you don’t need superstars to play winning baseball . Case in point Tampa , Oakland , enough said .

  2. Agree, not to mention an extremely gifted manager who keeps the mood light which reduces the pressure on the field. The Rays just need a new home in the Tampa Bay area to increase the fan base…and salaries!

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