“Bonnie Brewer” in New York?

Bonnie Brewer is a mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers, that appeared at Milwaukee County Stadium from 1973 to 1979, and has recently been reincarnated at Miller Park. Bonnie is portrayed as a young woman in a gold blouse and short blue lederhosen, wearing a baseball cap and  carrying broom which she uses to sweep the bases.

"Bonnie" Brewer

“Bonnie” Brewer

Bonnie’s antics during seventh-inning stretch includes sweeping off each base in turn, then  playfully swatting the opposing team’s third-base coach on the butt with her broom, following it up with a kiss on his cheek. Why is “Bonnie” Brewer relevant? Well it seems as though she showed up in New York for the Brewers season finale against the Mets.

The  Milwaukee Nine finished their 2013 season with a four game set at Citi Field, home of this year’s All-Star Game and the New York Mets.

Citi Field home of the New York Mets

Citi Field home of the New York Mets

Neither the Brewers nor the Mets were headed to the post season, both finishing the 2013 campaign with identical records of 74 – 88. One fan that lives around the “City that Never Sleeps,” made it to all 4 games because of her love of baseball…and unconditional love for the Brewers. She’s the New York version of  “Bonnie” Brewer… she’s Megan B.

At Citi Field for the Crew

Megan B. at Citi Field for the Crew

Instead of lederhosen she sports a headband of  yellow flowers to go with her Brewer blue ensemble. According to her tweets the Brewers are her team, but plays off the fact by stating the Brewers old logo incorporated her initials…so as not to anger her followers who are fans of other teams…


…but I think we know where her heart really is.



It’s actually refreshing to know that there are fans of the Crew outside of our fair state. We all know how well the Packers and Cubs do across America, they have fans EVERYWHERE…so it good to see the Brewers proudly represented for a change.

Brewers #1

Brewers #1

Megan B. is not only a Brewer fan but a baseball fan, who seems to know her stuff. I’m glad she’s on our side!

The Brewers took 3 of 4 with Megan’s flowered headband, and smile in the stands…it maybe time to pony up some “greenbacks” and get this Brewer fan to Miller Park for some games next season. Sorry Front Row Amy,  but I think your game is entering the bottom of the ninth.

Brewer and baseball fans feel free to follow Megan on Twitter @thatgirlondeck

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