Green and Growing…Again

The Milwaukee Bucks made a lot of moves in the off season, one of them which will be with the team for years to come, win or lose…their NEW playing surface to play on.

Last night (9-24-13) the Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their NEW floor, at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It’s got a great new FRESH look and will hopefully have a lot of wins in it. The new floor was inspired by the old Mecca floor that the Bucks won the 1971 NBA Championship on which was created by Robert Indiana.



Plenty were on hand for this grand occasion, including Buck forward/center Larry Sanders, and second year forward John Henson, both of who unveiled the court, and took time for pictures and autographs with lucky fans in attendance.

The crown jewel of the event was indeed the new playing surface, but, the true trip down memory lane was hearing Bucks original and Hall of Fame broadcaster Eddie Doucette speak at the unveiling. Here’s the close to Eddies monologue:



Ahh… those “golden pipes” can take a fan right back to the Bucks “hey day” when 50+ win seasons and making the playoffs were the norm. LETS GO BUCKS!

Milwaukee Bucks NEW playing surface

Milwaukee Bucks NEW playing surface




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