Don’t Pee on our Pool

The L.A. Dodgers, a team that was left for dead, and in last place in the N.L.West just 2 weeks before the All-Star break were the first team to clinch a playoff berth this season, Thursday in Arizona. Two days later, people are still flapping their lips about how disrespectful they think it was for the Boys in Blue to include the Diamondbacks “fan” pool in their post win celebration.

9-19-13 Dodgers celebrate at Chase Field

9-19-13 Dodgers celebrate at Chase Field

Big deal, this is a non-issue, it’s not like they peed their names into the infield dirt or deficated on the warning track! They had the ability to add something EXTRA and unique to their moment…and it DIDN’T HURT ANYONE!

Gonzalez and Kemp

Gonzalez and Kemp

Arizona Diamondback Willie Bloomquist came out right away and tweeted that he thought their (the Dodgers) actions were disrespectful…and that he was sure that an organization like the Yankees would never had done what they did.



Boo-hoo…hey Willie, and all the other “haters” if you don’t want someone to celebrate on your field, then you should win the game. Case closed!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Pee on our Pool

  1. Good thing they didn’t clinch in Miller Park…they would have had a kegger in Bernie Brewer’s house and did naked beer slides.

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