Show Them The Money?

Time magazine put Johnny “Hancock,” whoops I mean Johnny “Money,” wait… that’s still not right…Johnny Football, a.k.a. Johnny Manziel on their cover this week, and posted a ridiculas statement.


The answer to this statement is quite simply…”NO.” It would just opens up a pandora box of problems. Sure the NCAA and the Universities make a TON of money on these players, why else would A&M and the NCAA turn a blind eye to what Manziel allegedly did (sign autographs for money). The Manziel/’Bama rematch is huge the NCAA, the schools and the “benjamin’s.”

Hey, wait… don’t these players regardless of the sport get a free ride through these major colleges? A FREE education that costs regular students 100’s of thousands of dollars…isn’t that the sports participants “paycheck?”

If the NCAA wants to allow players to get a percentage of jersey (merchandise) sales that’s fine. If a player is popular enough to have autograph sharks pay them for their signature that fine too,(put that money in an account for after their college career)… but to outright pay them to attend and participate at the college level is a mistake.

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