Cheif Wah-boohoo

Poor Chief Wahoo, he deserves better than this…


The fans of Cleveland sports don’t deserve to win ANYTHING! The Browns are aweful, and left town once. LeBron left for Miami…good for him, and the Indians haven’t been relevant for awhile.

Why the animosity toward the fans of Cleveland? The fact that they have a team knocking on the door of the post season and they FAIL to support them bothers me. It’s not like they’re the Yankees, or Braves. The Indians are a smaller market team, and since their inception in 1894 have been to the post season only 9 times, winning it all in 1920 and 48.


Monday night (9-9-13)… 9,794 were in attendance at Progressive Field to watch their Indians take on the Royals and hopefully win improving thier record getting them closer to the all elusive post season….that’s right 9,794… Clevelands stadium holds 43,545! Tues night a whopping 12,615 went through the turnstiles. Those attdence numbers are a JOKE, and the fans of the people of Cleveland should be embarrassed!

Chief Wahoo

Chief Wahoo

Are you kidding me, your team is in a pennant race! 1.5 games back of the wild card…and 5 out of first place. That stadium should be packed or damn close (they were school nights).

The Indians, and Chief Wahoo deserve a post season…not their fans.

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