Johnny “Embarrasment”

Johnny Manziel made his sophomoric season debut yesterday when the second half kicked off at College Station against Rice University. Manziel didn’t start the game, because the NCAA decided to suspend him a half, for a non infraction of allegedly signing autographs for money…they received a nice thank you letter from his parents.

Manziel signing Autographs

Manziel signing Autographs

Manziel led his team by foot and by air becoming only the third QB to have 3 TD passes when completing only 6 of 8 passes. Manziel might’ve been able to pad his stats more but he is weak mentally and selfish, and was removed from the game by his coach after receiving an un-sportsman like flag in the fourth quarter.


During his walk of shame he “accidentally” nudged his coach Kevin Sumlin as he walked by, and disrespected him further by not looking at Sumlin talked to him about the incident.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…

Johnny already a verbal jawed, while jestering his signature in the air to a Rice defensemen after a play, and added a new piece to his TD completions by looking to heavens rubbing his fingers together making a money gesture.

Show Johnny the money

Show Johnny the money

Johnny’s got problems…and now the comments from his dad prior to the season of his son having some anger issues may just be true.

Once again, Manziel is young and evidently immature and has a lot of growing up to do. Getting benched in the Rice game isn’t that big of a deal, they rolled the Owls 52-31 , but if that happens vs Bama, or LSU it could cost our TEAM the game.


A&M needs to sit this silver spoon sucking pre-madonna down and have a talk with him. I don’t envy Coach Sumlin one bit, he has his hands full and may have to go old school, remedially reminding Manziel that there isn’t an “I” in T-E-A-M. Hell, hold Johnny Football out a few games before the SEC season starts, send him a message, and knock this kid down a bit… something, because in the long run the Aggies will get hurt…and who knows maybe Manziel himself.

6 thoughts on “Johnny “Embarrasment”

  1. Completely agree, I definitely think Manziel has to tone it down. He’s really becoming a bad guy for some people and I don’t think that’s going to help him in the future. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s going to be great on the football field this year. I just wonder how he’ll be when the football isn’t in his hand. I think Sumlin was smart for taking him out late but I wonder if he’d have the balls to do it when a game is on the line. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d love to know what you think.

  2. He’s a clown. I think he believes he was wronged by the NCAA, but in reality, he probably got off easy. He needs to settle down before they play Alabama or someone on that defense is going to shut him up.


  3. thanks for the heads up on this. hope I can find a show that will give me some footage. from your recap, manzy sounds like one of the biggest jerks that has ever come down the pike.

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