Million Dollar Beard

Brian Wilson, whose claim to fame was not only closing out games early in his career for the San Fransisco Giants, but he also sports the most infamous facial hair in the MLB since the days of Rollie Fingers

Wilson with the Giants

Wilson with the Giants

The 31-year-old who Thursday night (8-22-13) made his MLB debut since under going Tommy John Surgery, was approached by “800 Razors” to cut off his beard for a cool million. Wilson turned them down saying “he’ll take his beard to the grave.”


A little selfish if you ask me, I understand that 1 million dollars to him is like $5 bucks, but that’s a lot of dough for “joe lunch bucket” and could’ve been put to good use. Maybe if Mr. Wilson  wouldn’t have made this about himself, and thought outside the box for just a second, he could’ve agreed to the act, and donated the money to CHARITY!

Wilson now with the Dodgers

Wilson now with the Dodgers

C’mon Brian, you’re 31, you can grow another beard. Let’s say for some reason you don’t bounce back and have a successful second half of your career, no one is going to give a “rip” if you have a soul patch…so why not strike while the iron’s hot and do something extremely generous and unselfish.

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