Catcher in the Eye

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy who is as “blue collar” as the city he plays in may have a new roll in front of him sooner rather than later, as he’s becoming more prevalent in the fan’s eye.

#20 Jonathan Lucroy

#20 Jonathan Lucroy

In last nights (8-16-13) dramatic come from behind win over the Reds, Lucroy was the star hitting his first ever walk off homerun!  A two run blast off of Reds fireballing closer Aroldis Chapman who has stuck out the Brewer backstop the previous 5 times they’ve met through the years. The round tripper gave the Crew a 7-5 win.

8-16-13 Lucroy's walk off HR Brewers defeat Reds 7-5

8-16-13 Lucroy’s walk off HR Brewers defeat Reds 7-5

Lucroy since making his debut in 2010 has been a staple for the Brewers both offensively and defensively. He came just a ” hotel suitcase incident” away from making his first All-Star game last season (2012). Besides cutting down runner trying to steal second, and hitting round trippers…he may become the NEW face of the “Milwaukee Nine.”

Lucroy and Gallardo

Lucroy and Gallardo

The reason I believe this will come to fruition is because current “face,” Ryan Braun has egg on it. Number 8 is at the center of a PED scandal, has been suspended for the rest of the season, and NOW has a possible academic fraud allegation staring him in the face. I would be surprised if Braun puts on a Brewer jersey ever again, especially if the latter allegations are true. The academic fraud at the University of Miami shows he has a history of lying and cheating, and why would the organization want that “scarlet letter” attached to them?

Lucroy  players teammate

Lucroy a player’s teammate

Enter #20 LUUUUUCC…Jonathan Lucroy, he’s a hard worker, tough player, talented, well liked by his teammates and the media, not a pretty boy (although women in the state would beg to differ), humble, and best of all… a leader.

Milwaukee Women love #20

Milwaukee Women love #20

What more would a team want as the “Face of their Franchise?”… Even if half the time it’s covered.

Lucroy 2011 NLDS vs Arizona

Lucroy 2011 NLDS vs Arizona

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