Johnny “Dumb-A$$”

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, what are you thinking?! Are you even thinking at all?! ESPN’s investigative reporters at OTL (Outside The Lines) reported today (8-5-13) that Manziel allegedly signed autographs for money on the day of this years BCS Championship in Miami. OTL has been right on target before, and usually where there is smoke there is fire…Just ask Ryan Braun.

Manziel signing Autographs

Manziel signing Autographs

As the story goes autograph broker named Drew Tieman met up with the Heisman Trophy winner Manziel and friend Nathan Fitch at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, a short time later they were in Tieman’s apartment allegedly signing photos and other memorabilia. Witnesses say they saw the “signing,” but didn’t see any money exchange hands. The alleged amount for the “appearance” was five figures.

Manziel with Heisman Trophy

Manziel with Heisman Trophy

NCAA Bylaw prohibits student-athletes from accepting money for promotion or sale of a product or service, and the act of doing so can affect an athlete’s amateur status and eligibility to compete in NCAA athletics.

Manziel #2

Manziel #2

So Johnny Football’s luck may have run out and the Aggies may be without their star quarterback.

Vegas Baby!

Oklahoma Baby!

Manziel  just can’t stay out of the papers, earlier in the year he posted a photo of winnings in a Oklahoma Casino (18 is legal to gamble), he was photographed sitting courtside at a Heat game, and most recently was late for Manning Camp in which it he may have been drinking and “hungover”…  things that most 20 years olds do. (if they had the means). Johnny has the means…he had a killer season, which catapulted him to become the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, and basically ensconzing him in “Rock Star” status. Those previous account can be passed off as “boys will be boys” stints, but the autograph thing is a whole different story.

Party time?

Party time?

Manziel comes from a well off family, and doesn’t need the money that he allegedly receive for the signatures, and there’s no way on God’s green earth that he can say that he didn’t know the rule he was breaking. So either the lights are on and nobody’s home…or… what I believe that is true…Johnny Football’s head has grown too big for his helmet, to where he feels he’s above everything!

"Johnny Football"

“Johnny Football”

Whether one believes college athletes should be paid for their likeness, signature, or jerseys (which I think they should) is neither here nor there, because as of this moment, he broke the rule. Therefore he NEEDS be punished.

Good luck Johnny Football…the CFL and Arena Football League are waiting.

3 thoughts on “Johnny “Dumb-A$$”

  1. Manziel will be lucky to be drafted in the first five rounds of the NFL draft. He does not run a pro style offense at Texas A&M. “Johnny Football” has had his time in the limelight, but indeed the light is out – bye bye

  2. That rule is BS! NCAA athletes should be able to make whatever they can. The schools roll in money because of football and basketball why can’t the students?

  3. I think next time he should take more pictures of himself in casinos with thousands of dollars, if I were Johnny I would worry about his girlfriend leaving him now since his football days are gone, plus she was more of a hit then him anyways. Johnny has too many problems giving away his “Herbie Hancock” for all those dollar signs #idiot

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