Great Scott!

Before there was Prince, Sexton, and Cooper came one of the most colorful, and greatest defensive first baseman in Brewer history, George “Boomer” Scott. Scott who spent 5 years in the Brew City passed away Monday (7-29-13) at the age of 69.

George "Boomer" Scott

George “Boomer” Scott

The Greenville Mississippi  native broke into the Big League in 1966 and not only started at 1st base for the American League in the All-Star Game his rookie season he finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year  voting. Scott spent 14 years in the Majors (Red Sox, Brewers, Yankees and Royals), five of those (1972-1976) here in Milwaukee after a multi-player trade with the Red Sox brought him, and his glove “Black Beauty” to town. His glove might as well been made of gold, considering he won 5 of his 8 career Gold Gloves here playing first base.


With a nickname of “Boomer” one would expect him to knock the ball out of the park on a whim, which he basically did calling them “taters”… in the 1960’s and 70’s thirty-five homeruns was huge. Scott hit double digit round trippers 12 times in his career having his best year at the plate in 1975 as a Brewer. That year he tied with Reggie Jackson for first place with 36 “taters”, and led the American League in RBI with 109 and compiling 318 total bases.

Scott and Briggs

Scott and Briggs

Scott was an ominous figure sporting a fu-man-chu mustache which was complimented by pork chop side burns, and wore a necklace that he told reporters was made up of the teeth of second baseman. He also wore a batting helmet sans the ear flap while in the field because he said one time he had objects thrown at him during the game by fans (John Olerud is the the only other player to wear a helmet while playing the field). “Boomer” was definitely one of a kind leaving his mark on major league baseball with not only his glove, and bat, but also personality.



Rest in peace “Boomer” (3/23/44-7/29/13)

2 thoughts on “Great Scott!

  1. I enjoyed watching the BOOMER at Milwaukee County Stadium. Baseball should have more Ball Players like him, because being a good ballplayer as well as entertaining the fans , made an enjoyable day at the Ball Park… RIP

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