Houston May Have Lift-Off

The “H” in H-Town now not only stands for Houston but stands for Howard…Dwight Howard.

Atlanta, Golden State, Dallas, and L.A. can all go back to enjoying the long holiday weekend because the Dwight Howard lottery is over! Howard whose name has been floating out there in NBA circles for the last couple of weeks has reportedly decided to play for the Rockets and will make it official on July 10th when salary caps are approved.628x471[1]

Howard tweeted out Friday (7/5/13) “I’ve decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel (it’s) the best  place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I’m looking forward  to a great season,”


Howard will be leaving $30 million on the table with the deal, the Rockets offered $88 million over 4 years. Howard stated that he even though he enjoyed living in L.A. he feels Houston is going in a different direction and gives him the best chance to win his first title. At 27 years old, the seven-year, seven time all-star will play for his third team in three years, and will join a short list of Hall of famers (5) who played for 3 different teams before they turned 28.

Howard #12 Harden #13

Howard #12 Harden #13

The biggest difference between Lakers and the Rockets besides the age of the players is the fact that Howard won’t have to be the “man”… the Rockets are still Harden’s team and Howard can just do his job and fly under the radar, and just be the “big” man in the paint.

One thought on “Houston May Have Lift-Off

  1. Isn’t Kobe the “man” in LA? I’m with Shaq on this one…Howard couldn’t handle the LA pressure.

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