Number 300 is in the Books

The Milwaukee Brewers have “Mr. Baseball” (Bob Uecker), was host the movie “Mr. 3000” (Bernie Mack), can add “Mr. 300”, because that’s what Brewer Reliever Francisco Rodriguez (a.k.a K-rod) has become, after saving his 300th MLB save.

On a day that was perfect for baseball – sunny and 77 degrees at first pitch, the Milwaukee Brewers were just 9 innings from another major milestone. With the score 2-0 in the top of the ninth Brewer Reliever K-rod entered the game just needing 3 outs for the save and got them.

6-22-13 K-rod #300

6-22-13 K-rod #300

Francisco Rodriguez at the age of 31,who has spent 12 years in the “bigs” with 3 different teams (Angels, Mets, Brewers) is now part of the 300 save club. Rodriguez was released by the Crew after last season, then resigned by the Crew in May to help secure the bullpen, and now just 6 saves later became the 25th member of on the all-time career saves list. Other former Brewers include #22 Doug Jones 303, #12 Francisco Cordero 329, #10 Rollie Fingers 341, and #2 Trevor Hoffman 601.

Congrats K-rod…keep on…keepin’ on!

2 thoughts on “Number 300 is in the Books

  1. Way to go K-Rod! Now the brewers should get thier head out of the sand and package Axford, Weeks and Ramirez for a starting pitcher. The selling and buying season is just about open in major league baseball!

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