Dan and the Danettes

Just what happens when you bring Dan Patrick and his supporting cast – “the Danettes” to town? Your team takes the first two games against a team that is 13 games better than yours, and not only win, but shut them out for 18 innings!

Dan, we need you…you may want to consider moving your studios to Brew City!


Emmy Winning Sportscaster Dan Patrick, was in town over the weekend. Patrick who came to fame as an anchor at ESPN, has since had a great deal of success with his syndicated radio/t.v. show “The Dan Patrick Show” as well as co-host of NBC’s Football Night in America, and is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated was here  for a personal appearance before Saturday’s game between the Brewers and the Braves.

The turn out was phenomenal, some fans showed up at BW3’s in Brookfield as early as 5:30 am for a gig that wasn’t going to start until 11am. Dan and his Danettes not only greeted and spoke with the fans that made it into the resturaunt, but took time to greet each of them in the line outside that didn’t make it in.

At the game Todd Fritz (“Fritzy”) threw out the first pitch, it wasn’t a strike, it was just a bit high. When asked how he was chosen to throw out the pitch he said “we picked names out of a hat.”

fritz scoreboard

The Dan Patrick Show continued to leave it’s mark on our fair city when the five of them suited up and ran in the traditional mid-game sausage race. Dan was the Brat, Paulie the Polish, Fritzy the Italian, Seton the Chorizo, and McLovin the Hot Dog (what did you expect). When asked the night before who Dan thought was going to win, he handicapped the field and said “McLovin is your dark horse”…guess who won…McLovin! (Dan finished third).

McLovin in the lead!

McLovin in the lead!

The Dan Patrick Show can be heard Monday through Friday on The Big920 (920AM) in Milwaukee as well as on IHeart Radio from 8am-11am CST .


*Game-day photos courtesy of freelance photographer Yvonne Kemp. www.ymkemp@wi.rr.com

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