The Evil Genius Strikes AGAIN!

Tim Tebow to the New England Patriots…huh???  He was supposed to be headed for Canada, the Arena Football league, or maybe the Pacific Northwest Woods, not back in the NFL.


It’s true Tebow  has been sighted, signed and ready to report to Patriots camp Tuesday (6-11-13), in what looks like another ingenious move by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichik. Tebow who was traded by Denver after he went 7-4 and lead them to an O.T. victory in the first round of the playoff against the Steelers in 2011 .

Tim Tebow #15 Broncos

Tim Tebow #15 Broncos

Then he was released by the NY Jets after just one season where he saw little to no playing time, and was basically exiled from the league. He was “scarlet lettered” not so much for his play (which I believe can be fixed), but for the circus that follows him.

Tebow #15 Jets

Tebow #15 Jets

Tebow was left for dead by his critics saying he was done in the NFL, and no one would touch him … no one, except Bill Belichick.

Why did Belichick pick up the 2 time National Champion winning QB, and Heisman Trophy winner?

It’s simple, he has always thought outside the box, and is at least three or four moves ahead of everyone else. Tebow is a winner, he’s been in the system, and even though he may not be “starter” quality, he is that safety valve that could turn out to possibly save a season, and end up being PRICELESS!

Belichick and Brady

Belichick and Brady

Belichick has three Lombardi Trophies, a MVP QB in Tom Brady (that everyone loves), and a capible back-up QB in 3 year vetern Ryan Mallet (Arkansas). He basically did what any other team could’ve done, scoop up insurance before there were any injuries to any other teams in the pre season…OR he maybe, just maybe he did it for something so basic as, “spite”…think about it… how much of a genius will he look like, if Tebow succeeds in his system. Watch out Rex!

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