Thank God May Is Over! That’s exactly what Brewer players and fans must be thinking…

Lucroy goes 5 for 5 including a homerun on the last day of May 2013

Lucroy goes 5 for 5 including a homerun on the last day of May 2013

 Ron Roenicke’s team finished May with a win over Philadelphia Friday night (5-31-13) 8-5, and put to bed what seemed to be the LONGEST month in franchise history. Milwaukee managed to notch only 6 wins while dropping 22 games during the month.  A win/loss percentage of .214, the worst in the team’s 44 year history!

Brewers Logos 1970-present.

Brewers Logos 1970-present.

The Brewers have had a history of terrible second months of the season. The most memorable, and I feel the most heart breaking was in 1987. That was year “Team Streak” set a MLB record in April winning their first 13 games of the season, eventually going 18-3 for the month (.857).  Then “Bernie’s Boys” did a one-eighty, and nullified it, by posting a 6-18 record in May (.250) finishing the season with a 91-71 record, and 3rd in the A.L. East.

In 1994 they also posted a .250 win/loss percentage, when they went 7-21. In our country’s Bi-centennial (1976) and only the Crew’s 7th season they again won 7 games but only lost 17, so the percentage was a little higher at .292.

1969 Seatle Pilots

1969 Seattle Pilots

As for the previous “April of Infamy” that this years team had to surpass, or better yet had to drop below was the team from which the Brewers were born… the one year “non-wonders”, the 1969 Seattle Pilots. They posted a 6-21 record (.222) and eventually went on to finish the season at 64-98 LAST in the A.L. West.

Hopefully the Roenicke and company can right the ship from here on out.

5 thoughts on “T.G.M.I.O.!

  1. The brewers are not going to make the playoffs this year but there is always time to right the ship,let’s hope that maybe taking a series win in Philly would be a good to get the this team going.

  2. Great web site, Jeff. And congratulations on your extensive “face time” this morning on Sports Center.

    Bob Buege

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