Roll Out the Bernie’s Barrel

That’s exactly what the Brewers need to do in order to help fans get through the worst May in franchise history and a potentially sub .500 season. The Brewers introduced “Bernie’s Barrelman Ale” on Monday (5/27/13) which will be sold exclusively at Miller Park for the remainder of the season. The name for the Leinenkugel brewed libation came from an on-line vote in which “Bernie’s Barrelman Ale” claimed 55% of the votes. The other two names included “Brew Crew Brew” with 35% and “Brewers All-Star Ale”  netting 10%. 


 The new beer is an ale, brewed with pale, and roasted caramel malts along with 3 different type of hops:Cascade, Nugget and Willamette. It will be available on the Field Level behind sections 103, 118 and 125; on the Loge Level behind home plate as well as sections 206 and 213; and on the Terrace Level outside sections 413, 420 and 432.

The way the Crew is playing a nice cold brew or two at the park may ease the pain, so why not give the new ale a shot…I did, and it’s definitely a Home run!


4 thoughts on “Roll Out the Bernie’s Barrel

  1. The Brewers will make a barrel of money with that idea but I’ll wait until the end of the season when Leine’s starts selling it to stores. I’m not paying $8 for a beer!

  2. Caught a ball from Braun in the bleachers, got heckled (accused of stealing the ball from kids) and then the Brewers Staff bought my brother and I the Barrelman Ale for the inconvenience. The Barrelman Ale was delicious! Its nice
    when you don’t have to pay for it.

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