Lucky Number 13

The Milwaukee Bucks have come to terms with their 13th head coach in franchise history, Larry Drew. Drew, who beat out Calvin Sampson for the position, comes to Milwaukee with 3 years head coaching experience with the Atlanta Hawks where he led them to three consecutive playoff seasons.

Larry Drew

Larry Drew

Drew’s other coaching experience came as an assistant with the Hawks, Nets, Wizards, Pistons, and Lakers. As far as Larry’s playing days he spent 4 years at University of Missouri, before spending a season over seas with Scavolini of the Italian League. He was then picked 17th in the first round of the 1980 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons. Ironically Drew’s career may have started right here in Milwaukee had the Bucks not traded that pick along with Kent Benson  to the Pistons for Bob Lanier.

Losing is a habit, but fortunately so is winning, Larry not only has a winning record as a head coach 128-102, but he also has playoff experience, both as a coach, and player.


Drew will earn every dime of his 4 year/$10 million dollar contract if he turns this team around. So, for the Bucks, and the city of Milwaukee # 13 may just be lucky enough to bring Division Title #14, Conference Title #3 and NBA Championship #2 with him from the Peach State.

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