Durant-ian Angel

Moore, OK 5/20/13

Moore, OK 5/20/13

Monday, a Tornado ranked as an EF-5 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) with winds estimated between 200 and 300 mph ripped through Moore, Oklahoma leaving death, destruction, and dispair in its wake. It’s impossible harness Mother Nature when she brings her wrath…we’ve seen what she can do time and again. There have been 59 EF-5 tornadoes recorded in the U.S. since records have been kept in the mid-1950’s…this is the 2nd EF-5 to hit Moore, Oklahoma.

The aftermath. Moore,OK

The aftermath. Moore,OK

That’s why it’s refreshing and promising when someone steps up to set an example, an example that hopefully more will follow. The day after the the tornado, Kevin Durant #35 for the Oklahoma City Thunder came forward, and found it in his heart to donate $1 million dollars to the Red Cross for relief to the victims and their families.


The amazing thing about it is that Durant has no real ties to Oklahoma City except that he plays on their NBA team, he was born in Washington D.C., grew up on the east coast, and played college ball at Texas.

More high-profile figures should pay attention and follow suit, instead of “Joe Lunchbox” or the Government doing the heavy lifting with monetary donations. The performers who the fans go to see, and support with both ticket and merchandise sales should show their gratitude with a majority of the giving. Afterall isn’t it the fans money that pay their multi-million dollar salaries and paychecks?

Giving back shouldn’t even be a second thought, it wasn’t for Kevin Durant.

2 thoughts on “Durant-ian Angel

  1. You would think there would be a list of high paid athletes donating for the cause and also to get some publicity.

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