It’s Been Bent By Beckham

The Michael Jordan of soccer is retiring, that’s the best way to describe the most popular footballer of all time…but not really fair. David Beckham at age 38 will “bend it” professionally, no more.


Beckham is a unique cat who has done everything right, and went about success flawlessly. He excelled in a sport, he remained friendly and accessible. He married a beautiful woman, is a family man, has had no run-ins with the law, scandals, nothing, not even the ever popular “GHB” (if they even test for that in soccer).

When he married a “Spice Girl” he married Posh Spice, the name alone suggests class which she exudes. He and Victoria have been married for 15 years, and have 4 kids. Victoria herself has stayed out of the public eye negatively except a brief stint when they were linking her to anorexia.

The Beckhams

The Beckhams

The unique thing about David Beckham is that he won’t go down as the “Greatest” like a Micheal Jordan, but as the best “branded” he is his own brand, sort of like Anna Kornikov who played “average” professional tennis she exuded sex and was her own brand, as well as very popular. Kournikov though didn’t have the game to back it up like Beckham did. What I mean by Beckham being his own brand is, take Michael Jordan, he will always be linked with Nike. Beckham on the other hand, was himself. When David arrived in the U.S. in 2007 to play for the LA Galaxy, he already had agreements with Adidas, Gillette, Motorola, Pepsi and Walt Disney, and had on and off contracts with Giorgio Armani, Sharpie, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Samsung, Burger King, Sainsbury’s and Breitling while here in the States. He also started an underwear line with H&M.

Beckham HM collection

Beckham HM collection

Beckham was so comfortable in his own skin that he melded his brand of athleticism with raw sex appeal that allowed him to appear in fashion magazines as well as the sporting magazines. He appeals to both straight and gay men, as well as women, something that Jordan, LeBron, etc haven’t been able to do.  Being able to hit on ALL cylinders like that is a gold mine. Last year Beckman was eighth on Forbes’s 2012 list of the highest-paid athletes with an estimated $46 million in salary and endorsements.

Beckham’s name is huge, here are a few examples:

When David Beckham broke a bone in his left foot before the 2002 World Cup, the British prime minister, interrupted a cabinet meeting to address the subject. Tabloids ran photos of Beckham’s injured foot on their front pages, and asked readers to lay their hands on the picture in an attempt to heal the Beckham through the power of the universe.

In Tokyo, a larger than life chocolate Beckham statue stood in a downtown department store window after the 2002 World Cup.

In Australia, mere speculation that Beckham might play in their country’s league had wealthy businessmen considering helping finance the transaction.

Beckham or “Xiao Bei” ( Little Becks) as he’s been nicknamed in China, signed a contract reportedly worth as much as $75 million to simply be an ambassador for its scandal-plagued league.

Here in the United States the power of Beckham was also undeniable. During his  first year with the L.A. Galaxy, the club’s revenue rose as much as 40 percent.

Beckham's Last Game 5/18/13

Beckham’s Last Game 5/18/13

Saturday night Becks “bent it” for the last time, and put a button on his 20 year professional soccer career. Even though David had only been with PSG (Paris St. Germain for a mere 460 minutes this season they commissioned him to be captain for their final home game of the season. David played as he’s done throughout his career with his trademark 50-yard passes around the pitch. He assisted in a goal from a corner putting his team up 3-0 before the break. Beckham said he wanted to go out on top and since PSG had already been crowned champions of Ligue 1, it looks like he’s going to do that. Beckham and the boys went on to defeat Brest 3-1.

Beckham as he walks away after 20 years

Beckham as he walks away after 20 years

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