Third Time’s a Charm

Not in this case! Titus Young former Detroit Lion (WR) was arrested for a third time this WEEK!

Young's latest mugshot

Young’s latest mugshot

Arrests number one and two occurred about 14 hours apart on 5/5/13. Late Friday night (5/10/13) Young completed the “hat trick” when he was arrested for allegedly prowling around outside of a house in San Clemente, California that he had no idea who lived there. When the police arrived he took off, and when caught he allegedly resisted arrest. He was tossed in the  clink on felony counts of burglary, assault on a police officer, and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. Bail was set at $75,000.

Obviously this kid has a problem…and being locked up might be the best thing for him. He’ll be out as soon as he posts bail, and what he should do is get some help, because he needs it.

Even before these arrests, his head seemed has been screwed up, take for example in the game against the Packers last season. During that game he lined up incorrectly on purpose, drawing a penalty, and then admitted that he meant to do it.

Titus get help, before you get hurt, or end up hurting someone else. Father’s Day is June 16th, don’t you want to spend it with your son Titus Jr. wearing something other than prison orange?

3 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm

  1. Something has to be wrong to screw up his career ……. Unless he needs a new BLAZE ORANGE deer hunting suit LOL !!!

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