NOT #1

Game 2 NBA Playoffs - Miami

Game 2 NBA Playoffs – Miami

Oh the “beautiful people.”  Don’t people look different when they act like trash?

How much hatred, anger and frustration does one have in order to express themselves in the lowest common denominator possible.

I’m not a Bulls fan or even a fan of Joakim Noah for that matter, but I have to give him credit for not responding to the two low-class Heat fans who felt like expressing themselves at him when he was ejected from game 2 in Miami.

I get it, they paid for their tickets, and they’re entitled to “free speech.” It was the heat of the moment, and there is bad blood between these two teams, but that wasn’t the way to show it…just like when a player does something incredible during the game…”act like you’ve been there.”

I’m curious what happened after this, how did the couple celebrate their “climaxic victory” with a high-five,  a cigarette, a beer, what….?

Maybe they just wanted a new photo for their Christmas cards this year?

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