NOT the Face of the NFL

There’s been talk lately, “who is, or should be the face of the NFL?” There’s Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, etc…

Young- LionsTraining Camp

Young- LionsTraining Camp

One player it won’t be is Titus Young. Young was arrested TWICE in the same day over the weekend (5/5/13). 

The first arrest was early morning, when the Riverside County sheriff’s department in Moreno Valley CA witnessed Young driving his Mustang the wrong way down the road, and make an illegal left hand turn. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI, and his car was impounded.

Young was released, and 14 hours later was caught climbing over a fence trying to “remove” his car from the impound lot without paying, he was booked on suspicion of burglary and arrested again!

Titus Young Sr. 5/2013

Titus Young Sr. 5/2013

The 23-year-old free agent’s time in the NFL has not been short of conflict, and this will just add to it. Young  was drafted 44th in 2011, by the Detroit Lions , and was released this past off-season, picked up by  the Rams in February, and quickly released…so alledgely drinking, driving, and trying to steal back his car is how fills is free time now that he’s unemployed.

Wow, this guy is a gem…I almost forgot to mention Young is a “Sr.” which means he has procreated! ….poor kid.

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