Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow the very polarizing NFL player has been let go by the Jets, a team that pursued him hard-core last off-season. He only played in 58 snaps during last year, didn’t score a touchdown, and really wasn’t a factor. The Jets went shopping during the NFL Draft acquiring West Virgina’s Geno Smith which made Tebow dispensable.

Geno Smith

Geno Smith

Tebow  was a phenomenal collegiate quarterback, no doubt about it, winning the Heisman in 2007, and a National Championship in 2006 and 2008 for the Florida Gators…but so far he’s square peg that hasn’t fit in any round hole in the pros…yet…

I think the no brainer fit for him is Jacksonville, it would be like a homecoming since that was the area of Florida that he played his college ball, was revered, and looked on as a Champion. The Jaguars really have nothing to lose, he may just be what the franchise needs to spark their fan base and get a buzz going, which is contagious, and can generate winning.

Tebow could also end up in Canada playing for the CFL since the Alouettes own his rights. He could work on his game without the constant attention and scrutiny. Remember, Doug Flutie had a prosperous career in Canada and came back to the NFL as one of their favorite sons.

Or he very well may end up an Urban Legend.



Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

2 thoughts on “Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…

  1. HA! Love the pic!

    I think the thing that really stinks about all of this is that he gets released right after the draft, when it’s going to be THAT much harder for him to find a spot in the NFL.

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