Trickeration at Work

If first you don’t succeed, or it’s taking too long, resort to lying! At least that’s what it seems to have come to nowadays in the “social media” world we live in. Catch that quick 15 minutes of fame and see if it sticks.


The latest in this class of “wannabe’s” is Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash, who is being touted as the “next” Erin Andrews. Nash allegedly had a “near death” experience when she took a self-portrait of herself on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park recently. The picture has gone viral and so may her career after this fabricated stunt, that she claims to be real.

Kelly Nash on top of the Green Monster

Kelly Nash on top of the Green Monster

Check out the angle of the sunlight on the ball, and the angle of the same sunlight on her face…they don’t match. Apparently she tweeted that she had a copy of “Angels in the Outfield” in her handbag, and that’s what probably kept her from harm. C’mon Kelly, why would you have a DVD of a movie with you at the ballpark,(were you caring a portable DVD player as well?), I could understand if you were going to see Miami or Houston play, but Boston is playing some good ball these days!

You can’t really blame her, it’s in her blood, “family” has a long lineage of fibbery (if that’s even a word). Here is a picture of her “brother” on 9/11 (remember when that hit the web)?


And here’s a picture of her “uncle” seconds before peril


I’m kinda surprised that the balls were flying out of the park as frequently as she described since Sidd Finch is the batting practice pitcher for the Sox…He may have lost something on his one time 168 mph fast ball…who knows?

Sidd Finch 1985

Sidd Finch 1985

There has to be some method to her madness, she has already scheduled an interview with Goodmorning America about the incident, and I’m sure there are more interviews to follow. 

Hey, Kelly if this “stunt” doesn’t flip the switch and super charge your career, remember, you can always turn your peep-hole around on your hotel door, or hit Hef up for a shot in Playboy.

This may just be the girl for Manti Te’o, just think of all the imaginary kids they can have together!

Jeff Miller

4 thoughts on “Trickeration at Work

  1. I’m not a big sports buff, but reading the blog about the women sports reporter really caught my interest , why not get a job with your talents if you have any then to cheat the public with a gimmick ? LOSER !!!!!! P.A.M.

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