He Said (TWEETED) What??!!

The young Buck, Brandon Jennings may have made the prediction of a lifetime, on the upcoming best of 7 series against the World Champion Miami Heat. Jennings tweeted:

“We’re Gonna Win In Six – Brandon Jennings #Bucks Playoffs”

#3 Brandon Jennings

#3 Brandon Jennings

It’s a brash prediction considering the Bucks are the only team entering the Playoffs with a below .500 record (38-44) and lost 7 of their last 9 games to end the season. While their opponents, the Miami Heat are last years Champions and had a 66-16 record this year.

The big boys in Sin City have the Bucks as 70-1 underdogs, and a mere speed bump on Miami’s road to their second championship in two years. Keep in mind over the last two seasons Milwaukee is 3-3 against Lebron and Co..

So, I give Jennings credit, be proud of your team, and believe. What is he suppose to do? Tweet out, “we’re going to get swept.” No, go on the offensive, because in sport more than anywhere else anything can happen.

Namath poolside Miami 1-10-69

Namath poolside Miami 1-10-69

Let me remind you of a football game held on 1-12-69 when the underdog NY Jets upset the heavily favored Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III. It was a brash, cocky young quarterback by the name of Joe Namath that predicted the Jets were going to win.

Namath on his way off the field victorious - SBIII

Namath on his way off the field victorious – SBIII

Where was that game played???…Miami…Watch out Heat!

Jeff Miller


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