Zacked Out!

Zach Greinke

Zach Greinke

6 years  = $147 million dollars

2013 = $19 million dollars ($593,750/per game – a 32 game season average)

Zach Greinke breaks his left collarbone in brawl during his 2nd start of the season  PRICELESS!

That’s right Zach Greinke the L.A. Dodgers number 2 starter, and a major key to their pitching staff this season will be out for at least 8 weeks, but more than likely he’ll be out the rest of the season due to the injury he suffered Thursday night against the Padres.

Carlos Quentin,  Zack Greinke

Carlos Quentin, Zack Greinke

In a one run game, Greinke “plunked” Carlos Quentin on the left shoulder on a 3-2 pitch. Quentin charged the mound, Greinke lowered his shoulder to absorb the blow, and ended up fracturing his left collarbone in the fracas. Greinke goes under the knife Saturday (4/13).

After the game Quentin showed no remorse, stating “there’s history there, that’s why I reacted the way I did.” In fact Greinke had hit Quentin twice before when both were in the American League. Quentin is also known for crowding home plate, and has been hit 115 time (prior to Thursday) in his eight seasons.

According to Dodger skipper Don Mattingly, the brawl was uncalled for and Quentin had no business charging the mound, “you know he’s not throwing at you in a 3-2 count, in a 2-1 game. He (Quentin) has zero understanding of baseball.”

Mattingly suggested that Quentin should be out as long as Greinke, which I think is a great idea! Why should Quentin be able to come back and play after his suspension while Greinke is sidelined?  On top of that, Quentin should not only be fined, but also lose pay, because essentially he won’t be playing, therefore “working”… why should he receive pay for work NOT done?

A rule like that could have some serious impact on the hot heads in the game which would include pitchers, as well as batters.

Jeff Miller

3 thoughts on “Zacked Out!

  1. I have listened to the Dodger mgr. and agree with him about throwing at the batter in a 2 to 1 ball game . I hope that for the good of the game Selig suspends Quentin for as long as Zach is out .

  2. All I can say is that there’s a history there. He wasn’t thinking about a 2-1 game, he wasn’t thinking about the count, he was thinking about being plunked by this guy before.

    Any hey, it’s not like Zack helped himself here, or his catcher for that matter. This was a cascading failure to act and react. It all could have been easily avoided, but hey, it’s baseball.

    I think the guy deserves a suspension. I think it should be severe. I think ANY player who starts crap like this on the field deserves to be suspended, no question.

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