P.T. Cuban

P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum

Come one, come all, come and experience the most phenomenal, colossal , extra ordinary acts on the face of the earth…Ladies and gentleman step behind the curtain and you will see a 6’8″ female basketball player… Wait a second!  The NBA wasn’t around in P.T. Barnum’s  day, so it must be Mark Cuban!

Dallas Mavericks Owner - Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks Owner – Mark Cuban

Cuban’s newest “hey, look at me” moment could be the result of either a slow news cycle in Dallas, or maybe the fact that the his basketball team, the Mavericks are probably not going to make the playoffs this year. Cuban claims that he would consider drafting Baylor All American, and 6’8″ senior, Brittany Grinder in this years NBA Draft.

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner

C’mon Mark, you’re not serious, you’re just flapping your lips…there is no way that you believe for one moment that Brittney could compete in the NBA. You would not only embarrass her, but yourself and the franchise. Grinder is a phenomenal female basketball player, there’s no doubt about it. Probably one of the best in NCAA Women’s basketball history, but she would be nothing but a ” carnival side-show” in the NBA.

Just think about her trying to post up against 6′ 11″/265lb Dwight Howard…it would be like going up against a brick wall!

Grinder and Skylar Diggins of Notre Dame are the two best players coming out of college and will probably make a  real splash in the WNBA, where their frame and skill set belong.

Skylar Diggin- Notre Dame

Skylar Diggin- Notre Dame

Mark, you’re worth a couple billion dollars, think about what you plan on doing in order to generate ticket, and merchandise sales. Take a step back, and don’t turn the American Airlines Center into a three-ring circus.

Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “P.T. Cuban

  1. I suppose the thing about this that gets to me is that SOMEONE is going to have to be first. I agree this is just a pr stunt for Cuban, but who’s going to be the first serious contender?

  2. I think it would be smart to draft her for a team having trouble filling seats (not the Mavs). The carnival side-show would at least fill seats for the first year.

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