Jeff Suppan 2.0?

Let’s hope not! The last time the Brewers went shopping for a pitcher in “The Gateway to the West,” they kinda got burned. It was December 2006, and the ‘Crew added their biggest nemesis, from their biggest rival to a 4 year contact worth $43 million.

Jeff Suppan

Jeff Suppan

Jeff Suppan was coming off of a World Series Championship in a year where he was also named the MVP of the 2006 NLDS.  At 31, he was 12-7 on the season, with a 4.12 ERA. It was a differnet story during his tenure in Milwaukee (because he didn’t have the Brewers to pitch against)  his win/loss percentage was never above .500 and his era was never below 4.60…he basically turned out to a glorified batting practice pitcher, collecting a big paycheck!

The present day Brewers were in jeopardy of starting the season with a pitching staff with only one major starter, Yovani Gallardo.  The young arms of Fiers, Peralta, and Rogers weren’t standing out this spring as of yet, so Brewers decided to turn to their heated rivals once again. This time it was for the last major arm left on the free agent market, right-hander Kyle Lohse (#26) of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The nice thing about Lohse is that he can bring stability to the rotation, he knows the N.L. Central, and can chew up alot of innings.  “This signing makes us a better club today than we were yesterday,” said Brewer GM Doug Melvin.

Kyle Lohse

Kyle Lohse

Lohse, 34, went 16-3 last season with a 2.86 ERA, starting 33 games, pitching  211 innings, and striking out 143.  The deal is for 3 years/$33 million, and the Brewers’s 17th pick in next year’s draft, Lohse not only brings the experience of a veteran, but also that of a post season winner…anyone remember the fall of 2011?

Jeff Miller

4 thoughts on “Jeff Suppan 2.0?

  1. Lohse’s record at miller park is not very good . Miller park is a hitters ballpark hopefully he stays the ground ball pitcher we know he his. Let’s give him a chance before we judge him on other trades the Brewers made. GO BREWERS.

  2. Same here too mate.Especially when you’re new to the media of video reviews like me. Just over a month. Subbing and fridening and liking all is physically possible though in the fight for quality brewers and quality beers.CHEERS GUYS!

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