Tsunami Tommy

Oh Tommy, why so angry? You just led your team to their first Big 10 outright title since 199

Yet, after an exciting one point win (72-71) over University of Michigan on their court, and you still  find a way to make it all about you. Grow Up!

Tom Crean IU vs MU 3-10-13

Tom Crean IU vs MU 3-10-13

After “the tip” didn’t drop, and time expired, the celebration and hand shakes were about to begin. Instead, Indiana head coach Tome Crean found his way over to Michigan Assistant Jeff Meyer and aggressively scolded him saying “You know what you did! You helped wreck the program! You helped wreck our program!”

Jeff Meyer and Tom Cream

Jeff Meyer and Tom Cream

The situation seemed to be escalate, so Indiana assistant Tim Buckley was forced to get between the two as Crean continued to shout, finger point and posture on Meyer.


What was “Tsunami Tommy”  referring to in his linguistical daggers?  Before Crean was the head coach of the Hoosiers, Kelvin Sampson was at the helm in Bloomington.  Sampson and his staff (which included Meyer) was forced to step down when the NCAA accused them of four major NCAA violations for making more than 100 “impermissible phone calls to recruits.”  Meyer, is now an Assistant Coach with the Wolverines.

Former  IU Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

Former IU Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

Wait a second Tom…take a breath and think about this for a second…IF these sanctions never happened then maybe Sampson is still running the show at Indiana, and you might not be there….ALSO since the program was in SUCH A MESS when you took over, don’t you look better, and more of a genius for turning it around, and making Indiana a powerhouse again? Hmmmm….

So instead of an immature tongue lashing, maybe he should’ve bought him a beer!

Crean called his tantrum a “professional misunderstanding,” there was nothing “professional” about it.

(As it turns out Crean came to his senses and called Meyer today and apologized, I guess widdle Tommy got his diaper changed, and got fed…all better.)

Jeff Miller

3 thoughts on “Tsunami Tommy

  1. It’s good to see coaches fired up after a close win…I especially liked his devil grin after yelling at Meyer.

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