Who Wants To Be #1?


It doesn’t look like anyone wants to be number one or at least they can’t hold on to it.  The latest in David defeating Goliath came Thursday night (2-7-13) when unranked Illinois stunned newly crowned #1 Indiana 74-72. With .9 seconds on the clock the Illini inbounded from underneath the Hoosiers basket and Tyler Griffey buried an uncontested buzzer beating lay-up… and #1 fell again!

So far since the new year #1 has fallen 5 times including Thursdays upset.


#1 Louisville – 68  #6 Syracuse- 70

#1 DUKE -63   #25 UNIVERSITY of MIAMI (FL)- 90

#1 MICHIGAN -72  #3 INDIANA- 74

#1 INDIANA -72   (unranked) ILLINOIS -74

If things keep up this way “March Madness” may truly be maddening and one of the most exciting tournaments EVER! This may even be the year that a #16 upsets a #1 in the first round.

On a side note Tom Crean’s Hoosiers lost their #1 ranking earlier this season (late 2012) losing to Butler 88-86 in overtime. Then when Indiana was ranked #2 they lost to unranked Wisconsin 64 – 59.  I guess sometimes the “Crean doesn’t alway rise to the top.”

Hoosier Head Coach Tom Crean

Hoosier Head Coach Tom Crean

2 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be #1?

  1. I wonder if Coach Crean shook the winning coach hand or if he sprinted to the locker room like he did after the Badger game. Coach Crean it’s only college basketball , or if the money’s right are you off to another team?

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