Sammy’s Corked

Slammin’ Sammy Sosa, thinks he and Mark McGuire belong in the Hall of Fame. I’m sure he does, but they both have a long way to go.  Sosa, who is eighth all time in home runs (609), received 12.5 percent of the vote on his first ballot. McGuire who ranks 10th (583 HRs) received 16.9 on his 7th ballot.

A player needs to receive 75% for induction.

McGuire & Sosa combined for 136 HRs in "Great Home Run Race" of 1988

McGuire & Sosa combined for 136 HRs in “Great Home Run Race” of 1988

Sammy not only has the cloud of alleged steroid use to over come he also has a corked bat incident. During a game in 2003  a bat he was using in a game split open, revealing  it’s core was corked! Sammy said that it was his batting practice bat, and somehow he picked up the wrong one on the way to the plate….right…

June 3, 2003

June 3, 2003

Sammy had a few other things on his mind during his interview on the Ustream website. He feels that the Cubs should retire his number #21. I’ve got news for Sammy, that will NEVER happen! There’s a better chance that the Cubs will win back-to-back World Series, and put a dome over the “Friendly Confines”.


Finally, Sosa dropped a hint that he may possibly run for president of his home country, the Dominican Republic. He may run, but, I don’t think  Danilo Medina (current president) has anything to worry about, unless there’s someway to “cork” the ballot box.

Jeff Miller


2 thoughts on “Sammy’s Corked

  1. Sosa and Maguire in the hall of fame it could happen. They could build a new wing at Cooperstown which could be a huge building to house all the steroid users. Sosa’s display could have a cork wall in it to display all uniforms,bats (real) and corked and all unused steroids of his career.They could also build a wing to look like a betting parlor so there would be room for Pete Rose ,yes he does deserve to be there he didn’t even bet on his own team come on Bud get Pete in while he’s still alive’!!!!!!!!!

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