Hart of the Matter

First base is wide open…Brewer’s 30 year old first baseman Cory Hart will have surgery today (1-22-13), and miss Opening Day again!

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago White Sox

Hart was experiencing some pain in his right knee during work outs last week, as it turns out he’ll need arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, for a debridement of his knee-joint and to repair a meniscal tear.


According to the doctor the meniscal tear will require rehab, but the biggest hurdle will be  recovering from the debridement.  Debridement,  is the removal of  cut, dead, or contaminated tissue. Hart will not be able to put weight on his right knee for 6 weeks.

The total recovery time including some rehab action in the minors will probably keep Hart out of the Brewers line-up for the first couple months of the 2013 season.

That opens the door for Mat Gamel (again), giving him a chance to prove himself at the Major League level. Gamel, 27,  suffered a season ending knee injury of his own last May.

5-1-12 at San Diego

5-1-12 at San Diego

 In just 21 games last year Gamel produced only one home run, and batted .246, while playing first base. The ironic thing about it is that Hart moved from right field to first base when Gamel got hurt, now Gamel may be doing it for Hart.

Only 68 days until Opening Day, and approxemently 130 day until the Brewer’s 2 time All-Star returns.hartjpg-f9aa14e1ae63701b[1]

Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “Hart of the Matter

  1. What a great opporunity for Mat Gamble .This is the same way one of the greatest ballplayers in baseball history got his chance to prove himself. Lou Gehrig one of baseball ‘s all time great player. Is it possible that history could repeat itself ?

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