My Favorite Mistake

The title of Sheryl Crow’s single “My Favorite Mistake” is probably what a majority of fans of the cycling community are thinking when it come to Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong is scheduled to come clean on the Oprah Winfrey Show about his alleged doping during his illustrious career.56452945.jpg.CROP.article568-large[1]

Armstrong won an unprecedented 7 Tour de France titles – in a row!  He also beat testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs, and presently sits on the LiveStrong board.

So why come clean now, everyone has suspected the fact that he cheated for years, even people who believed him openly had to down deep suspect something was amiss. The odds against winning the Tour that many times not to mention in a row are astronomical, besides cycling is one of the “dirtiest” sports around (next to Professional Boxing).

The reason he’s coming clean is for sympathy, forgiveness, and in my opinion most of all, it’s because Lance Armstrong is not relevent anymore. Maybe his ego needs a boost, whether it be positive or negative (ex. Paris Hilton “leaked” Sex-tape, or Britney Spears getting married for 55 hours). Sometimes famous people and “want-to-bes” need to be in the lime light.

It’s also quite convenient that, any potential perjury charges stemming from his sworn testimony denying doping in a 2005 arbitration fight with a Dallas promotions company over a contract bonus worth $7.5 million have passed the statute of limitations. (The Huffington Post)

So after this stint wears off  he’ll need another way to “feed” his ego. I bet he ends up on a reality show, Dancing with the Stars, or maybe some all exclusive cycling adventure where cycles through different countries interacting with the locals each week. Hey, wait a second that last one isn’t a half bad idea…I need to contact the Discovery Channel!

Jeff Miller

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