Double D Fever

A controversy has been growing here in the land of Brats and Beer…should Donald Driver be suited up for Green Bay or not for this weekends playoff game against the 49ers as well as the remaining games (NFC Championship Game, and Super Bowl – provided the Packers keep winning). A Facebook page has even been assembled to help DD get on the field this weekend.


Driver is one of the most recognizable Packers of all time, and one of the most productive. With age comes the fact that we’re all not as good as we once were (unless of course you’re Barry Bonds, or Roger Clemens, but that’s a blog for a different day). We all lose a step.

Head coach Mike McCarthy has a job, and that’s to win. He needs to have his best team assembled to go into battle week in and week out (14 years veteran Jeff Saturday has been benched since Dec.21st), and has to leave sentimental feelings aside.

Driver is a class act and has always portrayed himself as a team player, so I would be surprised if he puts up a stink publically regarding not suiting up this weekend. He has expressed interest in special teams (where he started his career) just so he can suit up. Is this smart, or is it just one last shot to flash those “pearly whites?” Donald obviously loves football,  for what other reason would he suggest Special Teams, it is extremely violent and the “hits” are excruciating. Is Donald prepared to leave the game on a stretcher?

It’s really too bad, I see both sides of this story. I would love to see #80 sprinting down the side lines one more time and catch one more ball, on the other hand I would like to keep his memory as a player in his prime a lasting one.

Let’s leave it up to McCarthy and company, they know what they’re doing. Donald is a big boy with everlasting fame and fortune, he’ll be okay regardless of the decision.


If he does get into the game whether it be tonight, next week , or in Super Bowl XLVII I’m sure the lyrics from Toby Keith’s song  As Good As I Once Was will be going through his head “I ain’t as good once was, but I’m as good once, as I ever was.”

Jeff Miller

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