Are You Kidding Me?!

Brent Musburger made only one mistake last night when he commented on 2012 Miss Alabama – Katherine Webb, who is also the girlfriend of Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback AJ McCarron.  The comment came during the first quarter of  last night broadcast of the BSC Championship Game in Miami Florida.


                                           2012 Miss Alabama – Katherine Webb

At 73 years old Musburger let America know that he is a red-blooded American man. He said what every other red-blooded American man and non-threatended woman was thinking, “this is one outstanding and stunning woman.”  What’s wrong with speaking the truth?


                                                                           Brent Musburger

He was not lewd, crude, crass, belligerent, vulgar, disrespectful, or creepy (as one twitter user put it). He was honest, and very light-hearted.

Here is the banter between himself and broadcast co-host Kirk Herbstreit (former Quarterback at Ohio State) while the cameras were on the 23-year-old Auburn student and her parents in the stands during the game. (you be the judge)

Musburger called her a “lovely lady” and “beautiful,” and said to his broadcast partner, Kirk, “You quarterbacks get all the good-looking women.”

“A J’s doing some things right,” Herbstreit replied. Musburger, then said, “If you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with Pop.”

Big deal! Maybe if  David Letterman, R. Kelly, or maybe Brad Pitt, said it,  it would’ve been okay by the media….But Brent Musburger…WHOA! Wait a Minute!

How oversensitive have we become as a nation, and how hard up is the media to generate drama.

Then, to top it off, ESPN comes out with their “skirt” on, and apologizes for Brent. Maybe with that “little skirt” on they’ll look good enough for Brent to comment on them next time.

(for the record neither Miss Webb or her family  or even McCarron had a problem with what was said) KatherineWebb-620x400[1]

On a side note Alabama CRUSHED Notre Dame 42-14! ROLL TIDE!

Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?!

  1. Why is ESPN apologizing for the announcers comments? Their job is to inform the viewers on the progress of the game, they also have a duty to fill in free time. I’m sure the announcers did not see her in the stands , the producers in the booth must have told them where she was seating. There was nothing sexist or racist with their comments, they were just giving their view points about how good looking the QB ‘s girlfriend was . If that is wrong let’s not have any announcers comment on anything but, the game .

  2. Even she said there was nothing wrong with the comments BM made…she was flattered! That bikini picture is kind of transy.

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