Cowards and Indians

Unbeleiveable…ther must not be anything else to talk about so let’s just dust off some pseudo racism garbage. I logged on this afternoon to see an article about baseball on Yahoo. I love baseball, and Spring Training is right around the corner. What do my eyes behold??? Not a big blockbuster trade, or some Hall of Fame tidbit, but a piece on  the Atlanta Braves. They are revising their Spring Training caps to have their Indian logo on it, and apparently this is wrong and racist.Atlanta_Braves4[1] Here’s what the author Kevin Kaduk has to say about the logo:

It’s a wonder that anyone ever thought the image was OK. The logo strips Native Americans of any humanity and turns them into a one-dimensional character devoid of any sympathy or tribute. It honestly might be the only defense that the few defenders of Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo have left. (“Well, it’s not as bad as what Atlanta used to have.”)

Also according to the author the image depicts the Brave as a savage, but how do we know, maybe his facial expression is that of happiness and joy, and not that of rage and anger.

Apparently it’s wrong to honor the native Americans. The NCAA went on a political tear some years ago, Marquette University had to change their logo from the Warriors,[1]

to the Golden Eagles so as NOT to offend…but wait, the University went as far as NOT wanting to offend regular eagles.So for a season Marquette was simply the GOLD. All the regular non Golden Eagles must have got together with the school and realized they were being silly, because the Marquette went back to the Golden Eagles the following season.

University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse has felt the pressure of being “non politically correct” and had to change from the Indians to the Eagles. 

Florida State University came close to losing Chief Osceola 2005 because of the NCAA,  it was only after 3,100 members of the Seminole tribe of Oklahoma said it’s ok, they didn’t mind and FSU remained the SEMINOLES.SEMINOLE[1]

It’s a sad state of affairs when something like this is projected as a problem. What better way to immortalize and pay honor to the great Indian Tribes that were here before us and helped us win wars, as well as helped form this great nation of ours.

What real proof of the Indian heritage is there around us anymore? Some names of cities, and rivers, as well as tribal casinos…but other than that, nothing.  What better way to honor them, then to have them be the face of some of the professional, college and high school teams from sea to shining sea.

The Irish of Notre Dame better watch out…thier next, or maybe nothing has been done yet, because the “politically correct demigods are afraid that some drunken fighting Irishman might kick their rear-end if they ever thought of taking away honoring them with immortality, by millions.

2011 Notre Dame Mascot[1]

Maybe the next time the self-righteous think of stripping our native American heritage by removing them from nationally recognized sporting teams…they should just all go hug a Stanford Cardinal

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