The Phoenix Rises

PhoenixLogo[1]The BIGGEST UPSET of 2012 is in the books! Mid-major UW-Green Bay defeated perineal powerhouse Marquette Thursday night at the Resch Center 49-47.  The Phoenix all-time record vs the Golden Eagles is 3-9, and very well might be the last time in forseeable future when the two will meet, since the 5 year contract between the two expired this year. 

The recent 4 year contract between Marquette and UWM expired last year with the Golden Eagles taking the all-time series 39-0.


All an all Marquette is happy that both of these series have come to an end since their main argument in having these games is that it’s a lose/lose situation. If Marquette beats the Phoenix or the Panthers no big deal – they should. If they lose, well, they lose and it’s a major hit to the Golden Eagles ego.

I personally think our state is lucky to have four Division I mens basketball programs, and all four teams should play each other each year. The best way to do it would be to bring back the Bank One Classic (of course the name would be changed).

The Bank One Classic back in the day was a four team tournament hosted by Marquette.  It was held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee before conference play started and usually around the holidays. The Golden Eagles (back then they were the Warriors) would bring in 3 “cupcake” teams so that Marquette would win their own tournament. There’s nothing wrong with that, just have the tournament with all the Division I teams in the state, but MU feels that they are somehow better than the two mid-majors in the state and it wouldn’t be worth the time.


If  that’s the case and Marquette wanted to make it worth their while. Simply put themselves and Madison in opposite brackets so the odds would be in their favor to play agaisnt each other in the “marquee”  match-up for the championship.



This would be the ultimate Christmas present for fans of these four programs…C’mon Marquette  check your ego at the door, stop being the Grinch…and play the games.


3 thoughts on “The Phoenix Rises

  1. Maybe the other tree teams do not have the required number of junior college transfers to meet marquette’s strict requirements to play D 1 hoops ?

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