I won’t go as far as to compare myself  to the 16th Century French apothecary whose infamous prophecies written in Quatrain form has allegedly “predicted” everything from earthquakes, to World Wars, to Adolf Hitler (he was one letter off – “Hister”).

The Detroit Tiger’s Venezuelan born third baseman Miguel Cabrera became the first major leaguer in 45 years to win the Triple Crown, finishing the 2012 season leading the American League in Home Runs (44), Runs Batted In (139), and Batting Average (.330).

I PREDICTED IT! It was posted last year (3/2011) in my Millerpolooza blog “Triple Crown,” and since I didn’t make a prediction this year…it counts!

Carl Yastrzemski was the last Major Leaguer to accomplish the feat.  While playing for the Boston Red Sox (1967)  he hit 44 round-trippers, drove in 121 runs, and batted .326.

Congrats “Big Cat”…what do you have for an encore? World Series MVP?

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