Vonn = Global Warming

A Men’s Downhill World Cup race may be in trouble, they may not have any snow to ski on! Not because of “global warming,” but because of Lindsey Vonn!

She’s not only one of the HOTTEST women on the planet, but she can ski a little too!

Lindsey,  who is a two-time Olympic Medalist (1 Gold, and 1 Bronze 2010 Vancouver), and has 16 World Cup Titles,  wants to challenge the men downhill skiers  in a World Cup race on November 24th in Lake Louise, Alberta.

The venue in Alberta is no stranger to Vonn, she has earned 9 of her 26 World Cup downhill victories there.

The wheels are in motion, she has put in her request to compete to the International Ski Federation.  Now, it’s just up to U.S. ski federation to make a formal request for Vonn to enter the race, then it’s back to the ISF for the final decision.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, because if  Lindsey get’s the “green light,” Alberta is going to need it!

I’ll bet this “10” finishes in the TOP 5!

Jeff Miller

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