Done Streaking!

Mark this date down boys and girls (6/1/2012) it’s the day (night) that Milwaukee Brewers outfielder, Nyjer Morgan (a.k.a. Tony Plush) ended his major league record for most plate appearances without a RBI(Run Batted In)! The streak came to an end in the bottom of the first here in Milwaukee vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates (the team Morgan broke into the big leagues with in 2007).

Morgan belted a 2-2 pitch to right field for not only his first RBI of the season, but also his first “dinger” of the season as well. So, that swing of the bat  the new record was set at 138 plate appearances without a RBI. The old record was held by Herb Adams of the 1950 White Sox (125 plate appearances). 

Adams only played 3 seasons in the Major Leagues (1948-1950). He had a grand total of 364 plate appearances,  and accumulated 18 RBI for his career (only 2 RBI in 1950). 

 Herb Adams (4/14/1928 – 2/1/2012)


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