Well tomorrow (4/6/12) is Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers, and my favorite day of the year…I doubt I’ll get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight due to the anticipation! Time for this years predictions.

A.L. East                                A.L. Central                       A.L. West

Yankees                                Tigers                                Angels

Rays                                     Twins                                 Rangers

Red Sox                                White Sox                          A’s

Blue Jays                               Indians                              Mariners

Orioles                                   Royals

N.L. East                                N.L. Central                       N.L. West

Phillies                                   Brewers                             Diamondbacks

Marlins                                   Reds                                 Giants

Braves                                    Pirates                              Rockies

Mets                                      Cardinals                           Dodgers

Nationals                                Astros                             Padres 


A.L Wildcards: Rays & Rangers

N.L.Wildcards: Reds & Giants

A.L Champ: Tigers

N.L. Champ: Phillies

World Series Champs: Tigers

The Brewers will give their fans another fun run this Spring, Summer, and Fall, but will come up one series short AGAIN and NOT make it to the Fall Classic. The Brewers final record 89 and 72.

“Take me out to the ballgame…”

2 thoughts on “OPENING DAY EVE!!

  1. You need 25 ball players to make a team , T Plush is the spark plug you need in the clubhouse to keep the team loose during a season.

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