The Gazillionaire Has Returned!

That’s right Spiegelworld is back at Ceasars Palace in Sin City – Las Vegas, Nevada, with the production of “Absinthe.” The Absinthe show is out of this world! When I saw it back in September, I didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised,  and would see this show again, and again, and again….it was that much fun!


Absinthe, has  historically been described as a distilled, highly alcoholic  (45–74% acohol by volume / 90-148 proof) beverage.  It is commonly referred to in historical literature as “la fée verte” (the “green fairy” in French). Absinthe has a very high level of alcohol by volume, but is normally diluted with water when consumed.  Its psychoactive properties, apart from those of alcohol, have been much exaggerated.

So now let’s review the show that takes its name from the “green-fairy” producing spirit. The filthy-rich Gazillionaire, who is bold, bawdy, and aloof is the ringleader of this cabaret style production that mixes and melds vaudeville, comedy, burlesque, feats of strength,  all on a circular 9 foot diameter stage. The stage and wooden folding chairs (that the audience sits on) are in the middle of a circus style tent that set up at the Roman Plaza facing the Strip at the front of Caesars Palace.

                                                                       the Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets

As for the cast that keeps the audience fully entranced, amused, and entertained  include: trapeze artists/tight rope walkers, a rubber-faced sword swallower, striptease artists (one of whom is Angel Porrino who tap dances inside of a bubble), cabaret singers, knife jugglers, performers of feats of strength, and trick roller skaters are among those summed onstage by the emcee, “The Gazillionaire.” His side-kick the “R” rated spewing Penny Pibbets (who is more excitable than a chipmunk on speed), and the rest of his associates, The Green Fairy, Max the Butler, The Weather Girl, Princess Fox-Anna and The Vestal Virgins, keep the show on track – sorta.

I need to mention that the seating was first come/ first serve, so get there early, but don’t worry there is plenty to do. There are games to play in the “courtyard,” a bar, plenty to see and take pictures of, there is also a VIP entrance through a green phone booth.

Although it sounds like fun and games, it’s not for the kids; you must be age 18 or older to attend, and  alcohol is served. The theme is adult, it’s riske without being obscene, in the spirit of  vaudeville and burlesque without coming across as out-dated.

Anyone going to Las Vegas needs to check it out, they will come out of the hour and a half plus show throughly  satisfied, and hoping that it comes near your  hometown so you can experiance “Abstinthe” again!

Jeff Miller

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