Albert Pujols said he would go where God wanted him to go….

   Well, it looks like God and his agent like the deep pockets of the West Coast. Which in a way was smart, since Albert is getting up there in age, and shoveling his driveway in the mid-west could become a chore…wait a minute… he has enough money to have someone do that for him. His signing came at a great time, the holidays…PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE!! So remember every time you hear a bell this Christmas Season, it’s not an angel getting their wings… it’s “KING ANGEL” – Albert cashing another check.

                                                                       (It’s A Wonderful Life)

Let me be the first to say: Albert you’ve done good for yourself, “good” is weak….let’s go with FREAKIN’ GREAT! Who’s to blame him, this is a tough economy and he (just like everyone else) needs every penny they can get their hands on. Ten years, $250 million, WOW!   Maybe he should’ve got more, it’s going to be tough to make it on that in “La La Land”.  He might have to pick up a second or third job, maybe sell something on eBay, Craigslist,  hold a rummage…or run some aluminum cans to the salvage yard.

It’s only fair to Albert that we roughly break the money down for this child’s game that he plays. There may be signing bonuses, endorsements, and incentives, since we don’t know what those are, let’s just work with what we do know: $250 million over ten years.

Per year: $25 million

Per game (162 games a season-not including post season): $154,320.98

Per inning (9 innings per game): $17,146.78

Per “at-bat” (on average 4 “at-bats” per game): $38,580.25

Per hour (let’s say an average game is 3 hours and 30 minutes) :$44,091.71

Per minute during a game (60 minutes in an hour): $734.86

Per second during a game (60 seconds in a minute): $12.24

Now, we all know that the players probably don’t get paid daily, per game, or pitch, or inning. I’m guessing it’s either monthly or every two weeks, so Mr. Pujols will have to find a way to budget his pay check.  Although, I don’t see Albert hitting the ramen noodle aisle anytime soon.

Good Luck in the American League and your future as a Designated Hitter, Albert….at least the “Crew” won’t have to face you 18 times a year anymore.

Jeff Miller

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