Movie Review – The Lincoln Lawyer – R

There is one word to describe this movie, SLICK. From the opening scene, to the dialog, right down to the soundtrack, this movie is smooth. Everything fits, everything flows, and the characters are believable.

In this flick Mattew McConaughey steps out of his “pretty boy”  safe zone (Fools Gold, Failure to Launch, etc) and plays a smooth talking L.A. lawyer who conducts his practice from his rolling office, a circa 1980’s Lincoln Contential.  McConayghey’s character, Mick Haller has made a career of defending small time criminals, greasing the right wheels, using his charisma and lack of a conscience to win his cases. He is then offered the biggest case of his life to defend a smooth talking millionaire playboy accused of rape and attempted murder played by Ryan Phillippe (Cruel Intentions).   Louis Roulet (Phillippe’s character), claims to be innocent, and actually the victim in the assault. Roulet states he in fact was preyed upon by the  hooker, whose plan was to get out of her life style and sue him for his money. What seems like a “home run” for Haller, quickly turns sour and he has to summon all he knows just to survive.

Marisa Tomei, plays Maggie McPherson, Haller’s ex-wife and mother of their daughter. Even though they work different sides of the law in the courtroom, she understands Haller and you can feel the genuine love  she has  for him, regardless of his short comings.  William H. Macy is solid as Haller’s best friend and partner, Frank Levin.  Fans of country music will be surprised to see Trace Adkins as well.

There are more twists and turns in this movie than Lombard Street in San Francisco, Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.

The Lincoln Lawyer  is definitely worth seeing if not at the theatre then as soon as it comes out on DVD. (If the movie is this good, I can only imagine how great the book is).

Once again, if I’m giving out stars, I’ll give this 4.7 out of 5. It can’t miss, especially if you’re a fan of courtroom thrillers.

Jeff Miller

3 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Lincoln Lawyer – R

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer sound interesting. I’ve long been a fan of courtroom dramas via various John Grisham movies, and hopefully this one compares. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. While it sticks to the courtroom thriller formula, this is an entertaining ride thanks to a terrific screenplay and Matthew McConaughey’s magnetic lead performance. It’s the perfect time killer, because you won’t ever feel bored. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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