Brewers Trade With Yankees

The Brewers made their first trade of the spring sending outfielder Chris Dickerson to the Yankees, for multifaceted  pitcher Sergio Mitre. The last trade involving the “Crew” and Yankees it was in 2009 when they traded minor league outfielder Eric Flyer for LH pitcher Chase Wright. Wright as you may or may not remember was only the second player in MLB history to give up four straight home runs (the other was Angels Paul Foytack in 1963).

In Friday’s  trade the Brewers are hoping to strengthen their pitching staff  with veteran Serigo Mitre,  which is in response to the  recent injuries to “Ace” and 2009 Cy Young Winner Zach Greinke (rib cage), as well as their other off-season acquisition Shawn Marcum (shoulder), and long reliever Manny Parra (back).

 Mitre, 30 years old,  has a career 5.27 ERA in 64 starts and 113 relief appearances while doing time with the Cubs, Marlins and Yankees over the past seven seasons.  According to skipper Ron Roenicke in reference to Mitre’s prior role in the bullpen. “He’ll give us the experience there, he’ll also give us length there.” Mitre has mostly pitched in relief  this spring. If the schedule holds true, Brewers will need a fifth starter April 16 and 26  unless Greinke returns earlier than planned.

According to Brewer higher-ups there is no need to panic,  just take precaution. The  Brewers have scouts scattered all over Florida, as well as Arizona looking to fill some voids their roster before Opening Day (teams must set their 25-man rosters by 11 a.m. ET on March 31).

The Yankees jumped at the trade since Curtis Granderson their center fielder is sidelined with a rib-cage strain. Dickerson was picked up by the Brewers  toward the end of last year in a trade that sent Jim Edmonds to the Reds. Dickerson was  trying out  for a spot on the  Brewers already heavily saturated outfield core. The 28-year-old Dickerson  played in only 17 games with the “Crew” last season.

Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “Brewers Trade With Yankees

  1. I hope that Gomez, can produce for a whole season, in centerfield. The Brewers have gotten rid of two good centerfielders,hope this trade is a good choice for the club,only the season will tell.

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