Groundhog Day?!

According to Milwaukee Brewer Right Fielder Corey Hart that’s exactly how he describes this years Spring Training. “Every day is Groundhog Day. I get up hoping it’ll (abdomen) feel better but it’s the same. It’s kind of plateaued. What’s frustrating is that I was in the best shape of my life and this happened.”

The two-time All-Star (2008, and 2010), from Bowling Green Kentucky who turns 29 on the 24th of March strained his oblique at the beginning of camp.  The Brewers were  told that the injury would get better, and Corey would be back to shagging fly balls in a couple of weeks.  That time-table has come and gone.  It’s looking more, and more like Hart will miss Opening Day,  March 31st in Cincinnati, and possibly the home opener April 4th at Miller Park.  Corey is still complaining about some sharp pains in the abdominal region, an area he says is too large to simply fix with a cortisone shot.

( Hart’s 2010 numbers: 145 games, .283BA, 558AB, 158H, 31HR,91R, and 102RBI)

This injury to Hart should be giving a couple of new young  faces a shot at the corner outfield position, but do to a rash of injuries to the outfielding core  that probably won’t be the case.  Commenting on the injuries plaguing the Brewer clubhouse, pitcher Randy Wolf said “I’m afraid to walk out to my car, it’s just been that kind of Spring.”  That being said it looks as though 14 year veteran Mark Kotsay 1B/CF who last year played for the  White Sox will be getting the nod in right field to start the season.

(Kotsay’s 2010 numbers: 107games, .239BA, 327AB, 78H, 8HR, 30R, and 31RBI)

Jeff Miller

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