A “New” SPiN On Milwaukee

“Friends don’t let friends, play in the basement,” is the slogan at Milwaukee’s newest hot spot for entertainment. SPiN-Milwaukee, is a unique ping-pong club, bar and restaurant located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward (233 East Chicago St. 414-831-7746).  This is definitely not your  basement unless you have 17 ping-pong courts in 17,000 square feet of space!

There are clubs in New York (only two tables), Hollywood, and Toronto, that’s it! There are plans for clubs in Chicago, L.A. and Atlanta.

Besides the main arena like area, SPiN Milwaukee also has a private room for parties (which house tables with glass nets), a bar, and a restaurant.  They have league play almost every night, along with non-league play, and a pro shop. Don’t worry about equipment, you don’t need it, they have the paddles and the balls! Hours of operation, and rates are at www.spinmilwaukee.com

When I was there, Guns n Roses was pumping through the speakers, and everyone looked like they were having a good time,  this is definitely a refreshing alternative to rival bowling, darts, and pool, for an inside sports activity.

Ping pong is more than just game, it’s great for physical, mental, and social health. Physically a person can easily burn anywhere from 300-1000 calories an hour. Mentally it keeps you sharp, promoting the development of better hand-eye coordination. Socially,  you can make new friends or maybe strengthen the family unit.

So whether, you go to take lessons, play, eat and drink, train for the 2012 Olympics in London, or just watch, SPiN is a unique club, for all ages (21 and older after 9pm).

Fast Ping-Pong Facts:

A ping-pong ball weighs 2.7 grams, and are not hollow, but pressurized with gas. 

It debuted as sport in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

It is the 2nd most practiced sport in the world.

A ping-pong ball can reach up to 100 mph.

Jeff Miller

One thought on “A “New” SPiN On Milwaukee

  1. This sounds like a really cool place that my kids would love to go to. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it before, but now that I’ve read this, I will be checking it out soon! Thanks!

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