Restaurant Review-Tres Locos

  At Tres Locos located in Muskego WI (W172S7505 Lannon Dr. 262-679-1600), their slogan is “You’re only three margaritas away from a perfect day.” That may indeed be true, just as long as you go somewhere else first, to have those margaritas.

I’ve been to Tres Locos several times (the last time, was about 6 months ago), so I figured this review would be a “no brainer.”  All the other times I’ve dined there I’ve been completely satisfied, but not this visit.

Upon walking in on a Saturday night around 8:30 pm, there didn’t seem to be any energy, and it felt like they were “closed” even though there were patrons dining in both the bar and restaurant areas.  We took a seat in the bar, and while we waited for our server I had a chance to look around. I spotted napkin wraps, some silverware, and nacho pieces on the floor. It reminded me of a frat house basement the morning after a “kegger,” (when we left, the mess still wasn’t picked up).

Our server arrived with our chips and salsa, and we dug in. Mexican restaurants pride themselves in their salsa, because it’s the salsa that draws you in, gets you drinking, and gets the party started. In the past this was the case at Tres Locos, but, not during this visit. Their salsa came up short, there was a film on it, and tasted like puree tomatoes, that’s it! No kick, no cilantro, nothing, no real flavor.

The strawberry margaritas, also fell short, tart and weak, the word “blah” would sum it up.

As for the main courses, we ordered fish tacos, wrapped in soft-shelled corn tortillas, pork soft shell taco, and a pork burrito, all which again tasted “blah.” I’ve had the fish tacos there before, and they were delicious, but not this time, they left a lot to be desired.

As far as the price point is concerned, they’re in the ballpark with other Mexican restaurants in the area, and downtown. 

All in all, it felt as though the whole experience was “mailed in.”  As I mentioned earlier I’ve been to Tres Locos before, so I’ll give them another chance, but, if it happens again, it will be “No, Quiero Tres Locos for this Gringo.

Jeff Miller

One thought on “Restaurant Review-Tres Locos

  1. Thanks for the head-up I haven’t been there for awhile , maybe I just have to find another Mexican Restaurant, because I love good Salsa !!!!

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