The “G” Unit

Move over Dan Rather, you now have company, and he goes by the name Tiki Barber. 

Rather’s a snafu came in 2004 when 60 MinutesII ran a piece on George W. Bush’s military career which Rather claimed to be legit, it was not flattering to say the least. Later it was found out that the information was not verified, and false, Rather later admitted the documents he used could not be authenticated, and promptly began removing his foot from his mouth.

Fast forward 2011, days before the Green Bay Packers are about to play in Super Bowl XLV, Tiki Barber, former NY Giant running back turned side line reporter asked the simple question to unsuspecting Green Bay Packer players during one of the media days, “Do you know what the ‘G’ on your helmet stands for?”  Player after player respond with “Green Bay,” and each time Barber replies “No, actually it stands for greatness.” He then proceeds with a story about an equipment manager for the Packers (Gerald Braisher 1956-1976) who allegedly came up with the “G” and the meaning for it.

When it comes right down to it, the only thing true about the story was the equipment manager (even then Barber got his first name wrong), as for the “G” it stands for what everyone on the planet knew it stood for in the first place, GREEN BAY.

A lot of people took what they saw and heard from Barber to be gospel, and now look pretty funny. There is definitely a lesson to be learned here, with the speed of how technology brings information to us, and how things can go “viral,” now more than ever a person can’t always believe what they read, hear, or see.  Always check your sources.  There’s a saying in the construction trades, “measure twice cut once,” the same can hold true for a lot of things in life.

Hey, Tiki, you missed a spot, there’s still some egg on your face.

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